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Stash Premium Black Tea Sampler

 Stash Premium Black Tea Sampler
buy Stash Premium Black Tea Sampler online
buy  Stash Premium Black Tea Sampler online
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Stash Premium Black Tea Sampler
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Net Weight: 1.21 ounces

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Chai Spice : This is the taste of India. Premium black teas and fragrant spices combine for exotic taste aroma. Add milk and sugar for a rich, authentic flavor experience.

Double Bergamot Earl Grey : A blend of premium black teas and 100% pure bergamot oil - twice as much as in our Earl Grey tea. Smooth and aromatic, the bergamot imparts a light citrus note.

Double Spice Chai : For Chai lovers, this spicy blend has double the amount of clove, cinnamon and cardamom as in our popular Chai Spice. We've also added coriander and whole cardamom for a spicier and even more flavorful drink.

Earl Grey: This classic beverage was popularized by Earl Grey in the early 19th century. We blend premium quality black tea with 100% pure bergamot oil from Carabria, Italy for a lively, distinctive flavor and lavender-like bouquet.

English Breakfast : This hearty blend sets the standard for an all-occasion black tea. An excellent tea to start the day, or as a pick-up in the afternoon. Enjoy it plain or add a touch of milk and sugar for a silky texture.

Super Irish Breakfast : We've selected the strongest, most robust teas for our full-flavored Super Irish Breakfast. This 'espresso' of tea combines rich Assams, Ceylons and other premium black teas. It's the perfect way to start your day, or as a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Orange Spice : To flavor this rich, fragrant blend we combine premium black tea leaves, tangy orange peel and sweet cinnamon. Wonderfully aromatic and sweettly satisfying.

Organic breakfast blend : A rich, robust medley of organically grown black teas. This great morning cup is full-bodied and stimulating. Enjoy it with a splash of milk.

Peach: The luscious bouquet of fresh peaches combines with the rich flavor of premium black teas for a delicate, fruity taste. Enjoy the natural sweetness of Stash Peach or add a little sugar for a delightful dessert tea.

100% Natural Ingredients

18 Tea Bags

Net Weight 1.21 ounces ( 34.4 grams )


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